Goodbye backpack…

10 July 2011, 8:16Privat | 1 Comment »

…you have to go to the basement now. 126 days, 4 countries, hunderts of kilometers and thousands of pictures after i left switzerland its time say goodbye:

Bye to bunkbeds, soft toast, hostel search, timezone-calculations, padlocks, bad skype connections, english-speaking (though that wasn’t a bad thing), expensive laundry, fastfood, currencies, heavy lugage, ATM-fees and on and on.
But also, i have to say thank you…
Thanks to all these friends and family at home who supported me (booking flights :-) for example), new friends from all around the world who made this trip what it became: the best experience i had in my life so far. Thanks as well to you tourguides, receptionists, roommates and all the people out there who made something to make it work!
To all my foregin Facebook-friends, give me a buzz when you come to switzerland, we’ll gonna have to catch up :)







(Coney Island @4th of july)

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Hey Grosser , willkommen zurück.
    Klingt alles super soweit oder zumindest sieht es danach aus wenn man die Bilder betrachtet.
    Musst du alles mal erzählen so im Detail.
    Happy Europe :)

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