@Syd Airport

30 March 2009, 12:10Ferie | 1 Comment »

Hi out there.
Just a short hello from sydney. I just landet afther three hours flight from Auckland. It was the new A380, amazing that it can transport up to 750 persons… Everything is very modern and quiet, and especially things like the star-sky IN the plane just before landing are very cool :)

Hope the spring comes to you guys soon, i don’t want to freeze any more if i come home :)

Till then, have a great time!

Counting days…

29 March 2009, 3:22Ferie | 2 Comments »

6 more to go.

We are at Hamilton, about two hours to go for Auckland. Tomorrow we have to clean up our car (and this will take muuuuuch time :) ), afterwards we will fly to Sydney to visit this city. (My mate already knows it, but anyway, looks like a beautiful place to be!)

We did more than 4000 km’s in the last 15 days, used about 285l of fuel and we saw a LOT from this country. This trip was really worth it!

My eye is healing, it will be as it should when i land in Switzerland :) All other things are going well, but i will enjoy the first night in a real bed tomorrow! 6 degrees are too cold :)

So, wish you guys a nice time. Enjoy your snowy / rainy sunday :)

Edit: On this map you can see our camping-sites. I will add the full trip later…

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No fuel for 200km…

22 March 2009, 9:49Ferie, Privat | 2 Comments »

Hi there

After a journey full of adventures, we finally reached Haast on the south island. It’s almost the “breakeven” on the south side, soon we will start to get back to auckland.

The southisland is very different to the north. It has more trees, more unused land, more nature generally. But there are also a few things which are missing: cell-coverage, people, FUEL-STATIONS :)

Do you know these sings “No more fuel next 200km”? I think we missed one of these :) Its very confusing if you are driving with the “Fuel empty” light on, and you know that there is no nothing the next 25km’s. We reached the gasstation finally, but more than a single drop wasn’t in this fuel-tank… Luky guys we are!

Everything else works fine. Our car (called: “livingroom”) works very well, we did 2300 km till now. The tent (called: “sleepingroom”:)) is fine, but 7 degrees centigrade are very cold, especially in the morning. Coocking works well on this little gas-thing, we did a few pretty good menues the last few days.

Okay guys, thats it. No pictures at the moment, i can feel the long line to everywhere. Internet is like with a 65k Modem :/

Have a nice sunny sunnday, and have fun when the snow comes back on tuesday :) I’ll think of you :P


1500km done

20 March 2009, 2:36Ferie, Privat | No Comments »

Hi readers :) First, thanks for reading!

We finished the north-island yesterday, and are now on the south island. The ferrytrip was a bit boring and too expensive :)
But all other things – including (mostly) the weather – are great! Its an impressive landscape, everybody is very kind, and the experience to camp in a tent is cool. Even if it’s a bit messy sometimes (After a night of pooring rain…)

So guys, i will try to upload a few pics, but i dont promisse anything. Wish you a great weekend! Till soon.
Edit: USB 1.0, what a old thing… Would take hours to copy the pics on the Harddrive, and i don’t have a selection till now. Give my best to show them next time…

@Mom: We rented this suzuki swift and a “vagabound-pack” (yes, thats the official name) including cooking facilities, a tent and two sleepingbags. They are not too cold, but with a broken zip, the coldness gets into it… thats life :)

@Bash: If these were the only two changes, it were no problem. But there are no ae’s ue’s and oe’s, and all the special-things are on a “wrong” place.

@Buhi: Cool to hear from you. Hope everything works on your site. How about JC’s baby? Would be great to go to trondheim to work. Greetings to everybody!

First days down under

15 March 2009, 23:51Ferie | 2 Comments »

G’day mates!

Finally, i reached New Zealand. In Sydney, i went to bed early (9PM) so i never had problems with any kind of Jetlag… Cool!

Our first two days in Auckland were more or less rainy (at least cloudy), but it’s an intresting city. Not too big, but still a few things to see.

Yesterday, the 15th of March we got to the Britz-Carrental central and got our Car: a Suzuki swift, manual geared –> Funny to search the gearshift on every crossroad :) Also if you want to indicate a direction-changement with the wiper :)

After the first night in our tent (with a not-working sleeping-bag) we left to Rotoura, an area with great lakes and a lot “earth activity” (geysires)

Well, i wish you guys a great start into the new week! Take care and till soon.

P.S, this computer (Windows 2000 :) ) Had no included cardreader, so you have to wait for pictures. Sorrz…

Heartbeat from Singapore

12 March 2009, 0:46Augemein, Ferie, Privat | 3 Comments »

Hi there.
First of all, i try to switch to english for a while. Its simply easyer to write english with this “strange” keyboards here :)

Afther a 12hour flight (10’500km) i landet securely on singapore international airport. The weather is “sosolala” but very hot and wet… singapore is almost on the equator.

At the moment i have to wait, 3.5 hours exactly. After this, flight SQ219 will bring me within 7hours to Sydney. From there, Auckland is just a hop away.

Photographs will follow later. There are lots of free internetcorners, but no possibility to use a cardreader.

Take care people, have a good night!


3 March 2009, 0:29Ferie, Privat | No Comments »

WOW, im Momänt passiert mega viu!

Im momänt louft Radiodomino.ch. Mir si sit em letschte Samstig “onAir”, u äs funktioniert erstuunlech guet! D Schüeler si Motiviert, dement sprächend sid Biiträg, ud Rückmäudig vode Zuehörer cha eim o stouz mache! Loset doch mau chli drii, mi chas o über z’Internet empfange.

Wenn de das nächst Weekend düre isch muesi grad ä chli Gas gä mit Packe, wüui am nächste Mittwuch Morge scho im Flüger richtig Sydney / Auckland hocke. Drei Wuche Ferie, ÄNDLECH! I freue mi risig! I ha mitem Kolleg äs Outo gmietet, u de luegemer mau was d’Nordinsle vo Neuseeland so z’biete het. Meh drvo gits de irgendeinisch nach däm Reisli hei z’läse (guet, villech o scho mau während)…

dr Räste vom Biitrag läse »


24 July 2008, 0:45Ferie, Privat | No Comments »

No zwe Täg ir Houptstadt, u när geits ab id Schwiiz! I verabschidemi miteme lachende und eme tränende Oug:

Knappi 2000km Wäg heimer gmacht, u si nach eire Rundi umd Insle schlussändlech wider am Usgangsort acho. Mir hei viu gseh u erläbt uf dere schöne Insle! Z’Wätter isch sehr guet bis isländisch schlächt gsi, aber äs het trotzdäm viili iidrücklechi u faszinierendi Sache gä, wome het chönne bestuune!
Äs git äue (villech? ;) ) de no ä usfüehrlechere Reisebricht, aber äs churzes Fazit gits glich scho: Äs wird sicher nid mi einzig Bsuech uf dere Insle blibe! Ig ha sehr viu wunderschöni Iidrück gsammlet, geniali Landschafte gseh und faszinierendi Naturschouspiu! I cha jedem empfähle, d’Insle vo “Füür u Wasser” einisch säuber z’bsueche!!
D’Föteli chöi wiiterhin hie agluegt wärde, äs het sogar no äs pari meh gä!

Häbets guet, bis gli!


20 July 2008, 19:01erläbt, Ferie | 1 Comment »

Hallo zäme

Nume churz äs chlises Brichtli, u äs par Biudli. Ig hocke amene Campingplatz am Myvatn-See u bi am früüre ;) Aber eigentlech o nume wüu d’Sunne hinger par Wuche isch, und ä chaute Wind geit. Bis jetz isch z’Wätter super gsi, u warm.

Wasmer erläbt hei (in seeehr kürze):

  • Gulfoss
  • Geysir
  • Whale-watching
  • und so wiiter ;)


Bye zäme, bis villech speter no einisch!


16 July 2008, 11:14Ferie, Privat | No Comments »

20,00 kg bringt mini Täsche uf d’Waag, äs längt grad. Mitnä tuet is hüt Aabe äs Flugzüg vo “Iceland-Express” i äbe das Land. I bi gspannt wasis dört so erwartet. Äs wird sicher seeeeehr viu Biudli gä, wenni irgendwo ä Accesspoint finge sogar während dene zwe Wuche hie uf dere Siite.

U o wenns kes Biudli gäb, dr eint oder anger wo hie mitlist wird sicher o mau Post übercho :) !

Sofern aues nach Plan verlouft (da gani eigentlech drvo uus) wirdeni am 26. Juli wider uf CH-Bode ufschlah lande. Häbets guet liebi Lüütlis! Trotz der Ferie-Vorfreud chumi de o gärn wider hei!